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Where do the classes meet?

Classes meet at the school!

How often do the classes meet?

Class meets once a week per program.

How much does it cost?

Kinderdance® and Afterschool programs are $62 per  month (45 min).  Kindertots® and Kids Yoga are $55 per month (30 min). A 20% discount offered on 2nd child and/or 2ndprogram. Discounts are made available for employees of the school.

How long does the program last?

Classes run through the school year.  Summer classes are also offered at participating schools.

Am I obligated to stay through the full year?

You may withdraw your child from class at any time. We do request notice so we can plan accordingly.

How do I register?

Please register online at There is a one-time annual registration fee of $35 per family.

How do I pay my bill?

Once registered, you will be ​charged at the beginning of each month for all classes held in the month.

Do you pro-rate monthly payments?

Yes, where applicable. Class meets once a week, with some months holding five weeks and other months holding three. If the weeks do not balance out then a monthly pro-rate will be applied. Pro-rates often happen when first joining Kinderdance and months with extended holidays.

Can I watch the class?

Full class demonstrations are provided for scheduled parent’s days. Per Covid regulations, live zoom classes may be offered until live class demonstrations are made available. Sometimes we can accommodate an outside demonstration. We do request to allow children to become accustomed to their new learning environment prior to visitations. We offer classroom demonstrations twice a year and provide progress reports.

Do you provide make-up classes?

If for any reason class is cancelled, we do provide make-up classes or refund or credit for the class. Refunds and credits are not made available should your child be out. If for some reason your family will be on extended leave due to travel or illness simply let us know and we can accommodate your schedule needs.

Are uniforms required?

Yes. Uniform requirements are described on the enrollment page. You may order through our online store or a retail store of your choice.