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Uniform Requirements

Kinderdance® and Kindertots® Girls Uniform Requirements:
You may order through our online store. All orders delivered directly to your address.
You may also choose to shop at your preferred retail store.
Below is a full list of required uniform items for your shopping.
If you order through our online store, all orders are listed for you there.
Note: full sole ballet shoes are required for safety and comfortability. No soft shoe ballet slippers please.
  • Pink Leotard
  • Pink Footed Tights
  • Pink Ballet Shoes (order one size up from street shoe)
Kindergym® Girls Uniform Requirements
  • Pink Leotard
  • Pink Footless tights
  • No shoes needed for Kindergym®
Kinderdance®, Kindertots® and Kindergym® Boys Uniform Requirements
  • Black Fitness Pant
  • Red (no logo) T-shirt
  • Black Ballet shoes (order one size up from street shoe)
  • For your convenience, simply click on the link for each item and you will be directed to the selected uniform items from amazon. We do suggest to order the black ballet shoes from our online store, as availability is very reliable.
  • No shoes needed for Kindergym®
Kids Yoga Boys and Girls.
NO DRESSES OR JEANS. Currently there is no formal uniform for Kids Yoga – we simply ask to dress them appropriately on their yoga days or pack yoga clothes for them. Comfortable clothing they can move freely in is strongly suggested.
Hip Hop Boys and Girls.
Student’s street clothes are just fine in our after school program as long as they can freely move around. No dresses or skirts please for class and athletic shoes are strongly encouraged.
Elementary Ballet and Kindercombo
Girls wear:
  • Black Leotard
  • Pink Footed Tights
  • Pink Full Sole Ballet Shoes

Boys wear:

Red T-shirt (no Logo) , Black Fitness Pant and Black Ballet shoes